Doggy House Rules

Doggy House Rules


We welcome up to 2 small dogs or 1 large dog in our Caravan and we don’t like having lots of rules and regulations because we know that dogs are very much a part of your family.

Our caravan is very much our family home in Caister and in order to keep it looking nice for everyone we would appreciate it if you would respect our wishes whilst you are staying here.Please can we ask you to note that :

  • Dogs are allowed on the furniture and if you do like your dog/s to curl up with you on furniture then please bring and use your own throw if possible.
  • Please bring your own dog towel and make sure that your dog is as dry as possible before entering the house and not sandy.
  • Dogs are not allowed to be left alone in the caravan unless you have prior agreement with us and this would only be for a ‘one off’ special reason and your dog would have to be crated
  • There is a vacuum in the caravan should you require to use it
  • Always clean up after your dog and make sure waste is not put directly into the bin
  • If your dog causes any damage to the caravan or decking then you will be liable to pay for the damage caused from your security deposit
  • Please respect our neighbours and keep your dog’s barking down to a minimum.
  • Please be extra vigilant and make sure your dog doesn’t ‘mark’ any furniture. If this happens please clean immediately to minimise damage
  • All dogs must be on a lead when you are in using the main park ( this is Haven Policy).
  • The following breeds are not permitted at Haven Parks Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro & Japanese Tosa..
  • We do not permit dogs into the bedrooms or on the beds , this is so our non dog visitors can also enjoy our van
  • Our beach is dog friendly all year round.
  • Please bring your dogs bed, their towel and toys 🙂 it’s their holiday to
  • In case of emergency Caister Vets is located just down from our site heading towards Caister village 
  • There are lots of dog friendly pubs and beaches in the area

Thank you for reading and respecting our doggy rules!!